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Programs and Policies:

At Victory Fuel, we work with you to ensure efficient, affordable home heating oil delivery service.

Price Protection Contract: We offer a pre-pay price guarantee contract regardless of the retail price of oil from October 1st through May 31st. By agreeing to purchase at least 500 gallons of fuel oil over the course of the agreement, we will guarantee a locked-in price for the season. This protects you from the constant marketplace price fluctuations -- and helps you budget your annual heating expenses in a convenient, predictable manner. Download the pre-buy contract here (available in .pdf format, you must have Adobe Reader installed) -- it's fast, safe, convenient, and confidential -- and bring it in to our office! Or stop by in person anytime and we'll be happy help you sign up.

Automatic Delivery: After credit approval, regular customers who've received at least two deliveries may join our Automatic Delivery program -- no more worries about running out! Please advise us of any changes in your household (new babies, elderly people living in your home, additions such as pellet or wood, or alternative heating so that we may adjust your schedule to best suit your needs.) Payment is due in our office within ten days of the delivery date.

Call Customers: Just phone our office when you need oil. Payment is expected at the time of delivery unless you're a credit-approved customer.

Please note, we require a day's notice for deliveries due to route setups in place when the drivers begin their early morning deliveries (normally by 7 AM). We do have an answering machine for after-hours and you can order oil or get emergency service by following the prompts. A $20.00 surcharge will be added for a same-day delivery if the order is placed from 8:00am to 12:00pm, $40.00 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm and after 3:00pm there is a $95.00 delivery fee.

Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
If you have a Fuel Emergency: We can and do make emergency deliveries after hours til 10:00pm with an additional fee of $95.00. Before calling for service check to make sure the emergency switch is on and press the reset button on the burner once. Payment for both the oil and emergency service is expected at the time of delivery.
Victory Fuel, in partnership with two local oil burner service companies, also offers 24 hour burner service. Both companies offer excellent service and installation and are licensed and fully insured. Either dial them directly or call our office. Our staff will assist you in whatever way we can.


Also, if you find yourself in a situation of financial hardship regarding your home heating oil, New Hampshire residents may call upon the Rockingham Count Fuel Assistance Program for help and guidance. There are times when everyone needs a helping hand, and "Turning Hardship into Hope" is what they're all about.

RCA Fuel Assistance Program
Rockingham Community Action

7 Junkins Avenue
Portsmouth NH 03801

Portsmouth contact number 436-3896
Salem contact number 898-8435
The rest of Rockingham County contact number 1-800-310-8333



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